Corona symptoms in the famous book Harry Potter writer JK Rowling, information given in the post



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Right now, the whole world is trying to avoid the coronavirus, but every day a new name is associated with this disease by putting it positively and people are fearing and praying for them again.

Now Harry Potter writer JK Rowling said in a post that he had symptoms of corona a few days ago, after which he had his test taken.


Rowling shared that although her test was negative, but still on the advice of her doctor husband, she followed all the rules and kept herself away from others.

Rowling said she’s all right now. He also shared a video of himself along with his Twitter post. You see which big names have been infected with this virus so far –

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Harry Potter writer JK Rowling tweeted that she was developing symptoms of the coronavirus and that she was taking medicines and precautions under the supervision of her husband, the doctor.

Story first published: Tuesday, April 7, 2020, 5:32 am [IST]