Anupama 14th March: Because of Anupama, Chhoti will be away from Anuj, Maya will kill two birds with one stone.

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Anupama 14th March: In today’s (March 14) episode of TV show ‘Anupama’, you will see Maya returning to the Kapadia house with Chhoti. Anuj Kapadia and Anupama will repeatedly request Maya not to take Choti away from them, but Maya will give an answer that will completely change the story. Maya will indirectly instigate Anuj Kapadia against Anupama. Know what you will get to see in Tuesday’s episode.

Maya turns down Anuj’s offer to live with her.
When Anuj will offer Maya to stay in Kapadia house forever, she will say that when she was asking for an extension to stay in Kapadia house for only one month, no one listened to her, now she has been offered to stay for life. going. Maya will reject Anuj Kapadia’s offer and then Anupama will fold her hands in front of Maya and beg. She will ask Maya not to take her daughter away from her.

Anupama is in a bad trap after making a bet with Maya?
Responding to Anupama, Maya will say that by what right is she calling herself Chhoti’s mother? Maya will tell Anuj that Anupama had told him that she will back down if he manages to win her daughter’s heart in 15 days. Now that she has won the game, she is going back on her word. Maya will ask that knowing how important these 15 days are, Anupama did not stay with her daughter.

Because of Anupama, Choti will be away from Anuj
Maya will tell how Anupama has always given importance to her Shah family children and that family. Maya will say that she and everyone have observed that Anupama has never given time to Choti. Hearing all this, Anuj Kapadia will fall into thinking and will stop speaking. She will say that she will at least give time to her daughter.

Maya will instigate Anuj against Anupama
Maya will completely prove that it is because of Anupama that Choti is going away from Anuj. She will ask Anuj Kapadia whether Anupama is able to give time and love to her daughter? Anuj will not answer this question. If fan theories are to be believed then Anuj Kapadia will now turn against his wife as he will feel that it is because of Anupama that he has been separated from his daughter Chhoti. But will it really happen?