Another lookalike of Aishwarya Rai surfaced, seeing the ‘Class’ fame actress, people said – she looks like a twin

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You must have seen many lookalikes of Aishwarya Rai. From Sneha Ullal to Pakistani influencer Aamna Imran or Iranian model Mahlagha Jaberi, all of them were described as Aishwarya Rai’s lookalikes. Meanwhile, pictures of an actress are now going viral on the internet. People say that she is looking like Aishwarya Rai’s twin. While some called her Sneha Ullal, some said that she looks like Deepika Padukone. The name of this actress is Anjali Sivaraman who has appeared in Netflix’s latest web series ‘Class’.

Popularity gained from ‘Class’
The web series ‘Class’ streamed on 3 February 2023. This is the Hindi version of the Spanish series ‘Elite’. It has been discussed a lot since its release. Actress Anjali Sivaraman has played the role of Suhani Ahuja in the web series. Anjali’s work as well as her looks grabbed everyone’s attention. From the texture of his face to the color of his eyes, it is similar to Aishwarya. Many users said that Anjali’s looks resemble American singers Rihanna, Deepika Padukone and Aishwarya.

Users compared
Anjali recently posted many of her pictures on Instagram, on which a user commented, ‘Oh my God just like Aishwarya.’ One said, ‘Is it just me or anyone else feeling, Suhani has glimpses of Aishwarya and Deepika.’ One user said, ‘Copy of Sneha Ullal.’


Anjali’s other projects
Please tell that apart from being an actress, Anjali also sings. She has done photoshoots for many popular magazines. Prior to this he worked in ‘Cobalt Blue’, ‘Jenny’ and ‘It’s Complicated’.