After returning to Twitter, Kangana Ranaut again raged on the film industry, told- Stupid


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Kangana Ranaut was back on Twitter on Tuesday. He informed about the completion of the shooting of his next film Emergency through Twitter. But after coming back on Twitter, he has once again started speaking against the film industry. He tweeted that the film industry is a fool. He says that where the success of art is measured by the money allegedly received is foolish. Significantly, today Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone’s film Pathan has also been released on the big screen. At the same time, the film has made a record breaking debut on Wednesday. After this Kangana has commented on Twitter. However, these comments are not about Pathan.

Kangana wrote, the film industry is so cheap and stupid that whenever they want to project the success of any effort / creation / art, they throw money figures in your face, as if art has no other purpose. It shows their low levels and the life they lead.

Kangana wrote after this, first art blossomed in temples, then literature / theater and later reached cinema halls. It is an industry but not built for major economic profit like other billion/trillion dollar businesses. That’s why art/artists are worshiped and not industrialists or billionaires. He further said, so even if the artistes are engaged in polluting the art and culture in the country, they should not do it shamelessly but in a manner.

Kangana then went on to say that instead of just making money as an excuse, they should celebrate how cinema is a grand community experience. It brings people together, post covid hindi film industry is lagging and everyone is hoping and trying to change that, art has a lot to offer, even if it is less. We artistes should not speak or think like businessmen, we should maintain the sanctity of art and learning, whatever money it brings is the result of people’s love and anyone can visit business websites if they want, there are many And can know about the money earned there.

He also said that why do we need to print posters and put up posters with figures of money earned in the city? Is that why we make movies? It’s not us, it’s a very recent trend, one bad mind can pollute the whole system, we need to rectify where we went wrong and then rise and shine.