10 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries Ever

By | November 24, 2015

In the world there are a lot of  stories, some false, some true and some are still to be explored. Our article discusses the stories which are still considered mysteries. For many hours, science is trying its theories, tactics and logics to get the truth out of these mysteries but no output is produced yet. There are a lot of mysteries that are under scientific evaluation but we are listing top 10 of them. We hope this article will be a fine piece of interesting and worth reading information.

1. Bermuda Triangle



Known as the Bermuda Triangle, this legendary expanse of ocean can be found between the points of Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. Pilots often tell of their instruments going haywire and numerous ships have been lost at sea. With explanations ranging from gas bubbles to aliens, no one is sure what is behind the strange phenomena.

2. The Lost City of Atlantis


The civilization of Atlantis is like Athenians and other related civilizations which are yet to be dug and found. Its presence is based on its indication in work of Plato which shows the importance of state machinery. The city still remains vague with some bridges and rocks found. The reason behind its no. 2 standing on the list is the fact in the book “The Republic”, which says that the great city was as large as Asia and Libya combined together. Moreover, its gold worth the weight of all Greece. The powerful city perished under water smacked by the waves of Atlantic Ocean. It is assumed that the city was punished by god of water and earth, Poseidon.



3. Shroud of Turin


The shroud of Turin is a sepia colored sheet which shows the imprint of a man with a beard and long hair. The body of this man is nail wounded to his feet and wrists, a spear wound on his chest and pinpricks from thorns around his forehead, all consistent with crucifixion. It is Christianity’s one of the greatest holy objects. Placed in climate controlled case in Turin Cathedral, it attracts millions of pilgrims each year. It is a mystery from the time when it was investigated and results revealed human blood traces and pollens that only grow form the plants around Jerusalem. Science is still unable to explain how the image of a body of a man with such details could have formed on the cloth. It is yet a mystery whether this shroud is the original burial of Jesus or what.

4.DB Cooper


When DB Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 along with $200,000, he proceeded to jump out of the plane with a parachute. He was never found, however, and this remains the only unsolved case in US aviation history.

6.Tamam Shud


Back in December 1948, an unidentified man was found dead in Somerton Beach, located in Adelaide, Australia. Found in one of his pockets was a piece of paper with the words “Tamam Shud” written on it. The words were translated “finished” or “ended” based on excerpts  found in The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Although governments around the world have tried to identify the man his identity has remained mystery.

5. Zodiac Killer


On number 5 of our list, is a serial killer who achieved fame for her notorious letters sent to Bay Area police in north California. He used to write coding digits in his letters. Among all of them, only one was decrypted. The man with unashamed madness claimed 37 murders. He used to tease the police by leaving clues and hints for any future plans in his coded letters along with the strips of bloody clothing as a proof of his statement. With his first murder in 1968, the man has been involved in a serial killing but police were unable to tack him. Despite of rigorous investigation and search for the killer, no one was ever arrested for the murders. The mysterious killer named himself Zodiac. He suddenly got off the scene with no trace behind. The case is still open.


6. Severed Foot Beach in British Columbia


is not uncommon for bodies to wash up on beaches but for one beach in British Columbia severed feet have consistently been floating ashore for the past several years causing numerous theories to be put forth.


7.Green Children



Two children were discovered in the England, in the kingdom of Suffolk under King Stephen’s region. These children were found in Woolpit village when formers were reaping their harvest. The children were hiding in a deep pitch dug to trap wolves. Their skin was covered with a green hue and their clothes were made up of some unidentifiable material. These children were offered bread which they refused to eat as it was entirely a new food for them. They spoke the language which no one was familiar with.  Both of them were fed on harvested beans until they developed the taste for bread. The boy got shrink, weakened and died. The girl lived a healthy life and learned to speak English. By the time, her green tone changed into a normal skin.

Later of her age, she told that they used to live in a cavern where everything was green. They were gazing their father cattle when they heard church’s bell and followed. She only remembered these very few things of her childhood. The descendant to that lady exists today but the story is still a mystery till date.

8. Pollock Twins


Jacqueline and Joanna Pollock were twin sisters who died tragically at a very young age. A car smashed them while they were walking towards the church. After one year, Mrs. Pollock got pregnant. Despite the opposite views of doctor, the father insisted it would be twin girls. At the time of birth, they were twin girls who were named Jennifer and Gillian. The weird similarities and behaviors of the girls were observed that gave rise to the belief of re-creation (reincarnation). Many leading psychologists, who had been studying this phenomenon, studied their case and confirmed the miracle.

The twin sisters had same birth marks and scars. They asked for the same toys, even recalling the same name of dolls asked by their deceased sisters. They always asked to visit the same park. The twin sisters were unaware of their deceased sisters, but these strange facts and bizarre similarities make this case another unsolved mystery ranked no. 7 on our list.

9. Doppelgangers


Doppelganger is a German word which means the Evil Twin. This paranormal phenomenon is mentioned by many popular people such as Emily Stagee, Abraham Lincoln and Percy Shelley through their journals or personal accounts. According to this belief, every person has a duplicate but demonic twin that wanders a parallel universe experiencing and doing exactly the same things. One becomes aware of such twin in a state of post disaster or deathful sickness. This phenomenon, up to some extent, explains the phenomenon of déjà vu and an extra unseen person that follows us everywhere and gets explicit only under extremely grave conditions. Regarding Emily Stagee, it is said that more than 50 students witnessed her twin having a black shadow that encircled her writing on black board while she actually was sitting in a garden pulling out the weeds. This scary and weird unsolved mystery comes at number 8 on our list.

10. The Hum


This mysterious sound with its devastating results comes at no. 9 of our top 10 greatest unsolved mysteries of all times. The mystery of Hum preludes the era of 1950’s. Reports of an unpleasant acoustic low frequency disturbance were famous from specific zone of Taos (Mexico), Bondi (Sydney), Bristol (England) and Windsor (Ontario). The people complained of a disturbing drumming, throbbing, humming sound that resulted in depression and sleepless nights. The possible causes might be the activities in hum prone zones but no scientific reasons could explain this paranormal phenomenon. These Hums were heard by 11pc of total population resulting in headaches, nausea and even suicides. The Hum still continues to be an unsolved mystery.

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